Competing for the most experience and qualified candidates in today’s Ethiopia employment marketplace poses significant challenges. When business requirements call for multiple hires within a tight timeframe, these challenges cause increased costs and hinder employers ability to meet business objectives.

Businesses need to harness their People assets for business success and continuity. Businesses are faced with the challenge of identifying and implementing relevant and effective people management initiatives to actualize business direction and objectives. They seek to enable a work environment where talented employees can feel engaged, empowered, and appreciated, connected to the mission to drive the business forward.

Our Vision

To provide full-spectrum HR services to our clients through partnership, integrity and robust delivery mechanisms. To be the most trusted partner for candidates by offering them the best of options.

Our Approach

Ethiocv.comwill deploy a solutions integration model with a major emphasis on delivering practical initiatives that fully address specific business and (or) developmental needs, and make a clear impact on the workplace.

We believe that our value as your partner lies mainly in our ability to clearly understand your needs, the ability to identify interventions to meet them, and the provision of clear monitoring & measurement frameworks to measure real impact.

Our service will be designed to your specific business requirements, using proven methods, implemented by passionate, Human Resources professionals (local & international). We partner with highly qualified and experienced consultants, freelancers& together, we present an expert team with a single point of contact for customer service and program delivery.

We provide the solutions you need on a project-by-project basis. Our projects range from small assignments to complete and comprehensive Human Resources programs.

Our Service

Recruitment Support Services:

We offer a value priced, flexible service that can be used to fill any role, in any sector, at any level of seniority. We charge a simple flat fee for selected service categories and use a range of online and offline resources to fill your vacancy. We use numerous online and print resources to find you the perfect candidate, including:

  • General Job Boards (covering all sectors)
  • Social Networking Sites (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Online Headhunting (proactively searching through numerous online CV databases)
  • Our extensive database - we deploy various strategies to attract both passive and active talent.
  • Highly skilled and connected referral teams

We target suitable candidates to fill your positions via all of the above listed methods, using your job specifications as a benchmark.

In the recruitment domain, we provide Database selection, Executive search and Advertised selection recruitment solutions. Our company offers you recruitment support for permanent positions through the following activities:

Database Selection

We would take on specific selection assignments at middle and junior level positions based on a thorough understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position.

Company activities would involve resume aggregation from our databank, validation by way of preliminary interviews and reference checks prior to the presentation of final candidates to the client. We would maintain contact with the candidate/s till such time that they join duty.

Executive Search

We would take on specific executive search assignments at senior level based on a thorough understanding of the job specifications, organization culture and other critical attributes required for the specific position. These assignments would be handled by our Executive search team with excellent network and experience to look for the right candidate for any given role. Our search team would specifically head hunt profiles and submit the same to the Organization after preliminary interviews. We also provide referral checks with detailed comments on the candidates’ profiles and maintain contact with the candidate/s till such time that they join duty

Advertising & data base mail out:

We will prepare and advertise your jobs online and on print Medias for a specific time using ours and other leading job boards, print Medias and online forums, including social media (determined by your industry and focus area). We will also contact candidates on our database matching your requirements. All responses will be sent through to your mailbox.

Fully Managed Campaign

The service here is the same as the Advertising & data base mail out service described above. However, because ad responses can get very cumbersome to manage, we offer a CV selection service where we will view every CV that comes in and forward the relevant candidates to you. Cost includes the full advertising campaign across ours and other relevant job boards + social media presence. This offering also includes mail out to candidates on our database matching position requirements.

We will:
  • Prepare and advertise your vacancy on ours and the relevant job boards, print and social media
  • CV search ours and other leading online candidate databases
  • Sift and speak to all candidates directly to ensure suitability and interest in your position
  • Present CV's to you for selection
  • Arrange interviews
  • Gain feedback on both sides
  • Assist with offer / contract negotiation where appropriate.

Self Service Job Board Subscription:

We also offer various options for online employer Post jobs post and resume search subscription package on our jobsite and receive all responses by email and/or online.

Other Recruitment Support Options available:

  • CV screening: against your own selection criteria to create an initial shortlist
  • Pre Selection Report: Compile and submit full pre-selection report with individual reports for successful candidates
  • Candidate Management: Send written rejection of unsuccessful applications on your behalf, or provide names and addresses for your own administration.
  • Assessment Centers: Conduct further assessments including one on one interviews giving you at least 2 additional types of assessment data to guide your selection decisions.
  • Background Checks: Provide background checks post selection. We can verify certificates and work references of chosen candidates.


The primary objective of our outsourced services solution is to offer professional help not only to provide a transparent, effective way to manage your people needs, but also to ‘free’ you up to focus on growing your business and improving your core functions.

We will work with you to give your business a competitive advantage through quality HR processes and services.

Working with you, we can provide a practical cost-effective service, tailored to the size and requirements of your business.

Outsourced Payroll management service:

  • Compensation computation & management
  • Tax management
  • Benefits Management (Pension Fund & Health Insurance)
  • Salary Remittances
  • Employee Compensation Help Desk

HR Consulting Services

Our consulting services are the choice for human resource and business professionals who want a practical, realistic, and measurable approach to developing or updating talent management and HR processes in their organization.

Our flexible delivery model encompasses traditional onsite and offsite project consulting across the core functional areas of human resources. We partner with clients for short or long term HR needs, and provide HR expertise on a project and consulting basis.

Whether you are building your HR function or have a mature department seeking to complement its existing capabilities with an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution, has the expertise to help you plan, manage and administer HR processes and programs. Key areas covered:


  • Benchmark Job Market Pricing (Salary Studies)
  • Salary Grade/Range Structure Design
  • Incentive Plan Design
  • Executive Compensation
  • Salary Administration Policies
  • Benefit Market Analysis


  • Employee Handbooks
  • Reductions In Force (RIF) Guidance
  • Human Resource Audits & Assessments
  • Statutory Compliance

Talent Management

  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Appraisal System Process Design
  • Organizational Structure Design
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent development
  • Training

Employee Relations

  • Exit Interviews
  • Employee Opinion Surveys

Other Services

  • Business Start-Up Human Resources Consulting
  • Human Resources Help Desk
  • Human Resource Organizational Structure Consulting

Our Philosophy

Our approach towards all services provided is based on a thorough knowledge of your specific organizational requirements. To deliver effectively, we must ensure all interventions are relevant to your situation. Our standards for delivery - all solutions must:

  • Align with organizational business strategy;
  • Reflect market conditions and future directions;
  • Have clear, measurable deliverables;
  • Follow a fully interactive delivery process;
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